Del Norte Riverwalk Project

Phase 1 was completed in 2020/2021. Project History: In September 2018 the US Army Corps of Engineers issued a 404 permit to the Town of Del Norte and Del Norte Trails Organization allowing the Del Norte Riverfront Project to begin construction. This culminates years of work, public processes, and permitting requirements required to make any changes on or near an American Waterway.

Phase 1

The 404 Permit covered the construction of river improvements and recreation infrastructure on the Rio Grande next to Colorado Highway 112 that were central to the Del Norte Riverfront Project, including development on the north side of the river across from the existing town park. The elements that were part of Phase 1, which is now completed included construction of a new boat ramp with ample parking and turn around space, and highway access. Over the next two years Phase 1 will augmented with bank restoration and re-vegetation work and improved trout habitat; the construction of a picnic area with a pavilion and a boating play wave feature on the north side of the river have been completed; and, on the south side of the river, pedestrian river access.

Del Norte Riverwalk Project

Future Vision

Del Norte Riverwalk Project

Future phases of the project will include improvements to the existing park on the south side of the Rio Grande. These improvements include new and improved sheltered picnic areas, a nature play area for children, and an amphitheater for public entertainment and events. A new vault toilet facility is planned on the north side of the river.


The public and partners have been fundraising for a long time and will continue to do so until the projects components are completed. Rio Grande Headwaters Restoration Project, Trout Unlimited, Town of Del Norte, Riverbend Engineering, and Del Norte Trails Organization have worked in cooperation to bring this project to the point of construction.

Rio Grande – Our Life Blood

In addition to all the obvious benefits from the design elements of the project, the ability to physically connect the people of the valley to the Rio Grande is the biggest accomplishment. The Rio Grande is and has always been the life blood of the Valley, and now families will be able to touch and enjoy it together.

Riverwalk Project Overview

Del Norte Riverwalk Project

Project overview courtesy of Del Norte Trails Organization.