Town Administration

Town Administrator / Town Clerk

Appointed by the Board of Trustees, the Town Administrator is the Chief Executive of the Town and is responsible for effective and efficient operation of the Town and administration of all departments and staff.

The Town Administrator reports to and receives direction from the Town Board. As well, the Town Administrator responds to public inquiries complaints and concerns in a courteous, timely and effective manner. Coordinates and delivers information to the citizens, general public, media and other stakeholders concerning the plans and activities of the Town. Also maintains open communications with Town staff and ensures that all levels of staff are informed and knowledgeable about Town affairs, as needed.

Town Administrator oversees the proposed budget annually which shall be submitted and approved the Town Board. The approved budget will be the Town Administrator responsibility to administer or amend with Town Board approval.

The Town Administrator also exercises supervision over all department heads and maintains active and informed participation in Land-Use and Public Works departments. Recommendations to the Town Board on any proposal necessary to establish, consolidate or abolish any position or department.

Records Custodian

The Town Clerk maintains all public records and responds to all open records requests. Citizens may request to view or receive copies of records by visiting Town Hall during normal business hours.

Liquor Licensing

The Town of Del Norte carries out the process of liquor licensing as set out in the Colorado Liquor Code and administered through the Colorado Liquor Enforcement Division.


The Town Clerk is the Election Official. Regular elections are held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday of even numbered years.

Clerk to the Town Board

The Town Clerk records minutes of all Town Board meetings, which are on the second Wednesday of each month. There are occasionally Special Town Board Meetings, which are usually scheduled on as needed basis.

Town Treasurer

Town Treasurer / Finance Director is appointed by the Board of Trustees. The Town Treasurer is responsible for the efficient and effective administration of  all  financial operations of the Town including accounts payable and receivable, payroll, general accounting, financial reporting and production of the annual budget. The Treasurer provides recommendations to the Town Administrator for strategic direction of fiscal policy matters and serves as the primary financial resource to the Board of Trustees, Town Administrator, staff and public. Town Treasurer’s responsibility is also to amend the budget with Town Board approval.

Del Norte Police Department Court Clerk

Oversees Municipal Court activity, including staying abreast of changing laws relating to municipal courts.

  • Prepares the department budget, and monitors expenditures.
  • Establishes procedures in accordance with applicable laws.
  • Places high priority on quality customer service, and demonstrates continuous effort to improve operations.

The Del Norte Police Department office administers the Municipal Court.  The municipal court handles citations issued by the Del Norte Police Department for traffic, parking and ordinance violations. Del Norte Municipal Court is not a court of record with court held four times a month on Thursday at 5:00 p.m.