Del Norte Town Board

Del Norte Board of Trustees

Del Norte is a statutory Town.  This means that we as a community have not adopted our own charter, and thus defer to statutory state laws, which are Colorado Revised Statutes.

The form of government is Board of Trustees made up of the Mayor and the Trustees.  The Town Board is the legislative body that determines laws and policy for Del Norte.  The Town Clerk/Administrator, along with staff, is charged with carrying out the decisions of Town Board and for the day-to-day administration required in the operations of the Town.

There are a total of six Trustees and one Mayor.  All Trustees represent the Town at-large.  The Mayor is also elected at-large.  Four-year terms are staggered so that at each regular election three Trustee seats are available.

Del Norte has opted out of term limits by voter approval at the April 2000 election.  Trustees and Mayor may serve an unlimited number of terms, but must run for election at the end of each four-year term.

The Mayor and Town Trustees serve on various committees, boards, and advisory groups.

Neither the Mayor nor the Trustee has regular business hours at Town Hall. Each Trustee is available by contacting Town Hall and leaving a message with the Office.

The Mayor and Trustee of the Town of Del Norte reviews and directs legislation, contracts, actions, policies, budgets, long-range plans, projects, etc. related to the business of the operation of the Town. Board actions are by ordinance, resolutions, or motion passed at public meetings. The Mayor and six Trustees are elected by the qualified voters of the Town.

Town Board meetings are held the second Wednesday of every month at Town Hall. The meetings begin at 6:00 pm. The agendas are posted at Town Hall. Workshops are scheduled by the Town Board on an as needed basis. Direct any questions regarding Town Board meetings and/or work sessions to the Town Clerks office at 719-657-2708.

Current Board Members:

Mayor Chris Trujillo – Email Chris
Mayor Pro-tem – Bob Muncy – Email Bob

Trustee Shelly Burnett – Email Shelly
Trustee Louie Velasquez – Email Louie
Trustee Brenton Williams – Email Brenton
Trustee Marty Asplin – Email Marty
Trustee Leigh Anne Lobato – Email Leigh Anne

To view meeting minutes, agendas and ordinances, click here.

Upcoming Meetings/Events

The Del Norte Town Board attends meetings and may hold regular Work Sessions to further its work. These meetings and /or Work Sessions (except for Executive Sessions) are open to the public. The times of these noticed meetings may be altered, cancelled or rescheduled.