Board of Adjustments

The Board of Adjustment shall also have the following duties:

To grant or deny variances, the Board shall consider that all seven criteria and standards are met before issuing any variance. Variance standards are listed in Sec.16—120 of Town Code.

To hear and decide such other special questions not inconsistent with the regulations contained in this Chapter, upon which the Board of Adjustment is authorized by resolution of the Town.

To hear and decide whether a specific use is expressly permitted in a use group as specified in Town Zoning regulations.

To decide questions concerning the interpretation of this Town Zoning Chapter where any ambiguity or conflict exists or concerning the application of this Town Code to specific property.

The Board of Adjustment shall render written decisions accompanied by findings of fact and conclusions based thereon.

Current Board of Adjustments Members:

Marty Asplin
Glynnis Williams
Joe Archuleta

Upcoming Meetings

Board of Adjustments Meetings
Meets on an as needed basis