Del Norte Water and Sewer Maintenance Division

The division ensures 12 miles of water lines and 12 miles of sewer lines are maintained in good working order.

‚ÄčThe Water and Sewer Maintenance Division also:

  • Responds to emergencies at any time of day or night, regardless of weather, to ensure the health and safety of residents
  • Maintains fire hydrants in good working order
  • Read water meters for billing purposes
  • Shuts water off for repairs, emergencies, and non-payments
  • Install water and sewer taps
  • Takes samples of water for compliance issues with the State on monthly basis
  • Responds to emergency excavations and residential excavation requests
  • Routinely flushes with high pressure water to remove sediment, grease, and other debris that might obstruct the pipe and possibly cause a backup into homes
  • Install new sewer mains and replaces old mains as needed.